How Much Can I sell my iPhone 4 for? – Factors that Influence the Price of a used iPhone 4

If you own an iPhone 4 and you plan to upgrade to the latest iPhone version, you may pose and ask how much can I sell my iPhone 4 for? Several reasons can necessitate selling a used iPhone 4. For instance, you may have received a new iPhone as a gift from a loved one. You may also have realized that iPhone 4 is no longer compatible with your lifestyle. Or you may notice that iPhone 4 is not compatible with most apps that you want to use more often. Of all these reasons, upgrading to the latest iPhone version is the major reason why most people sell their iPhones. As such, knowing how much your iPhone 4 is worth will enable you to budget for the purchase of a new iPhone. Generally, the price of a used iPhone 4 is determined by several factors that you need to consider.

Online pricing

The price at which iPhone 4 is selling at different online marketplaces will determine how much your iPhone 4 is worth. As such, to know how much you can ask for your iPhone 4 at any given time, compare prices of this device at different online marketplaces. In fact, when buying used iPhones, most buyers go online to compare prices at which the model that they want is selling at. Thus, you can know the price at which you can sell your iPhone by simply comparing its price at different online marketplaces.

Condition of your iPhone 4

Cracked screens and bad batteries are some of the major factors that will influence the price of an iPhone 4. iPhone buyers are notoriously conscious about the look of the device that they are about to purchase. This is why most people will not buy used iPhones if sellers do not provide photos to accompany their descriptions. As such, the condition of your iPhone will definitely influence the price at which you can sell your iPhone. Therefore, if your iPhone 4 has a problem or if it is damaged, you should have it repaired by a technician before you offer it for sale. This way, it will fetch a higher price in the market than when you sell it while broken.

Is it locked or unlocked?

Whether your iPhone 4 is locked or unlocked will influence the price at which you sell it. An unlocked iPhone 4 will sell at a better price than a locked iPhone. This is because if your iPhone 4 is locked, it can only be used with a specific carrier. This limits the market of your iPhone 4. However, if your iPhone 4 is unlocked, it can be used with any carrier. It can also be used in any location. Thus, it expands the market where you can sell it. Typically, an unlocked iPhone 4 will sell faster and at a higher price.

Still asking how much can I sell my iPhone 4 for? Then consider these factors carefully before setting the price of your iPhone 4. Use our iPhone resale Hero service to sell your device.